Dapper to Edgy problems

Christian Lensch lensch at opensourcemedia.de
Tue Dec 26 10:57:59 GMT 2006

Hi Daniel,
if you want people here to be able to answer your question, you need to 
provide us with a bit more information about your problem.
Is it a grub error? What messages do you get, when the system doesn't 
boot? Your partitions on harddisk, etc.
Have you tried booting in failsafe-mode?

 > I'm wondering if I do an Edgy install from scratch (because I want to
 > try some of the newer version of KDE, etc.) is it likely to be a stable
 > machine?  Or am I better off sticking with 6.06?

Edgy should be stable in the same way as dapper was. As far as I know, 
the difference between them is the longer support-cycle (LTS) for dapper.
Nevertheless, the 'stable' should not be understood as in a generic 
debian (stable) system.

> Is it possible to reinstall 6.06 without reformatting the disk?  I don't 
> want to lose my home directory.

Why dont you boot your system with a live-cd and backup you home 
directory with all your config files?


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