System Settings changes in Edgy? sigh! [was kmenuedit missing]

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Dec 25 18:08:35 GMT 2006

Rashid ul Islam wrote:

> I dislike System Settings immensely. When I install cleanly, one of
> the first things I do is remove the System Settings entry in the K
> Menu and replace it with KControl (the original kde control centre).
> As long as the Kubuntu teams leaves KControl alone, and the KDE team
> doesn't go all gnome-simplicity-users-are-idiots on me, I'm happy :D

I don't _dislike_ System Settings, but it's a royal pain in the arse, since
there are any number of things in kcontrol that don't seem to show up in
System Settings.  If I could do everything in System Settings that I can do
in kcontrol, I wouldn't care which we used.

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