network configuration in vmware player

nutchanat sattayakawee diiar at
Wed Dec 20 17:43:10 UTC 2006

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> First of all, thank you.
> > However, there is no way you can look at the guest
> > system and tell that
> > it is  using NAT.  What is happening internally is
> > that VMWare is
> > setting up a network within your host computer
> using
> > the vmnet module.
> > This network is then accessing the real LAN/WAN
> > using the IP address and
> > MAC address of your host system.
> > 
> I had NAT virtual adapter with vmnet8. However, I
> didn't configure the IP address and MAC address.
> What
> do you mean by setting up a network? Is it as I did?
> Or should I set up another network?
> > You are extremely limited as to what you can
> > configure using VMPlayer.
> > However, you can certainly do this by doing a
> right
> > click on the
> > "Ethernet" button and selecting NAT.
> I right clicked on "Ethernet" and select NAT. When I
> clicked on the web browser, it did something
> different
> from when I had bridged. But it took so long time to
> find the web site like and finally it
> coudln't find the server :( 
> Do you have any suggestion?
> Diiar

Sorry now. I can make it work. Just stop the firewall.
Thanks again


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