problems w/ sound on Kubuntu (edgy)

bryann brymelvin at
Thu Dec 21 16:25:27 GMT 2006

On Thu, 2006-12-21 at 14:38 +0200, mehmet Dilmac wrote:
> Run fsck but re instal kubuntu !
> 2006/12/19, Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at>:
>         Good morning,
>         I shutdown my computer last night and when I turned it on this
>         morning I
>         have a red X through KMix and no sound.  When I click on KMix
>         to open it
>         up, under Current Mixer: there is nothing.
>         Any help? 
>         --
>         Jonathan Jesse
Take a look at the devices seen by the OS  most likely your sound card
was not picked up by Ubuntu or bios when it started this time.

I've seen this before...often on PCs never on PPC FWIW

This is "plug and pray" hell.  Ubuntu Kubuntu rearrangges the order of
multiple NICS too. Usually ( for sound)the card is "cold" and doesn't
respond quick enough on boot. If you have windows also starting windows
so the card initializes might work. I'd try moving the card to a
different slot/reseating the card first too. My husband has a habit of
using SOUND so loud it rattles cards loose :-). Unless you trash the
file system it is unusual to have to reinstall linux. It isn't windows

try this:

sudo shutdown -r -F now

This reboots the computer and runs a file system check on Linux

then when the computer reboots go into the bios. There is probably a
setting "reset configuration data" or something like that. This zeros
the PNP configuration when the computer reboots out of the bios.
Hopefully the bios and Ubunutu will then find the card.

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