Foreign words

Neil Winchurst neil at
Wed Dec 20 16:10:49 UTC 2006

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Neil, if you are going to use those characters then I suggest that you
> make sure that others can see them. Don't send email in HTML, and make
> sure that you use utf-8 encoding. Any other encoding wil depend upon
> the recipricant using the same encoding, a requirement that is out of
> your hands. If you need help in setting up your email client properly,
> ask here. Be sure to mention which email client you use, and the
> output of the "locale" command.
> Dotan Cohen
Thanks for the advice, however I already do use utf-8 everywhere. And I 
avoid HTML with email. Anyway there should be only the rare occasion 
when I need to use one of these special characters. Meanwhile the method 
you have shown me will save a lot of hassle.

Thanks again


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