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nutchanat sattayakawee wrote:
> --- Hervé Fache <Herve at> wrote:
>> On 12/20/06, nutchanat sattayakawee
>> <diiar at> wrote:
>>> How should I configure it to have the same IP and
>> MAC?
>> I would think it be the ´bridged networking´ option
>> (or similar). Any
>> help on the VMWare site?
> I tried bridged networking but I don't have the same
> IP and MAC. I looked for some information but it says
> like :
> "If you use bridged networking, your virtual machine
> needs to have its own identity on the network. For
> example, on a TCP/IP network, the virtual machine
> needs its own IP address. "
> So I don't know what I should configure more or do
> anything. I used to do it in Windows but I don't
> exactly remember because in the interface of vmware in
> Windows, we can configure graphically and there are
> more explanations.
> Diiar 
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As Tez states, you should be using the NAT option.  This will make
everything appear to be coming from your host system to the network.
However, there is no way you can look at the guest system and tell that
it is  using NAT.  What is happening internally is that VMWare is
setting up a network within your host computer using the vmnet module.
This network is then accessing the real LAN/WAN using the IP address and
MAC address of your host system.

You are extremely limited as to what you can configure using VMPlayer.
However, you can certainly do this by doing a right click on the
"Ethernet" button and selecting NAT.

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