Help Locating php5-dev

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Tue Dec 19 04:58:05 UTC 2006

"Currie, Larry" <lcurrie at> writes:

> When I ran "sudo pecl install yaz" in order to install yaz on my
> Kubuntu system running PHP 5.1.6, I got the following: Downloading
> yaz-1.0.7.tgz 5 source files, building
> running: phpize
> sh: phpize: not found
> ERROR: 'phpize' failed
> Do I need to find a package called php5-dev?  


> If so, can anyone point me toward a site I can add to my sources.list?

You should already have it there, since php5-dev is:

    Package: php5-dev
    Section: devel

It is part of main, so you should be able to get it installed with a
simple 'sudo aptitude install php5-dev' on a machine with the network
repositories turned on.

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