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Hervé Fache Herve at
Fri Dec 15 11:04:20 UTC 2006

update-manager is not /yet/ the prefered way of updating a Kubuntu
system. I suggest the following instead:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade

I have seen my computers telling me my packages were not authenticated
before, and it was always due to a problem when running apt-get
update, so I suggest you run it again in a terminal, and the problem
either will go, or will appear very clearly.


P.S.: cross-posting to Kubuntu-users

On 12/15/06, Anthony Gardner <cyclewood_ltd at> wrote:
> Am running Kubuntu dapper and have just gone to use update-manager to get
> the latest updates but it tells me that that they're not authenticated.
> A little worrying as there are linux-headers in there!!
> -Ants

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