Strange behaviour

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Dec 14 18:24:56 UTC 2006

Hervé Fache wrote:

> Shame you snipped the second part of my reply, which justified
> accepting these (hopefully temporary) error messages to allow people
> with disabilities to use Kubuntu with tablets.
> Ubuntu is 'for human beings', and that's what I meant by ''everybody'.
> Not my cat or your dog, but my blind neighbour, your deaf parent and
> that guy who lost his fingers in an accident. These people are human
> beings, and if something can be done to give them access to computers,
> it will be in Ubuntu.
> And if that means two error messages when starting some apps from the
> console in 6.10, then so be it. 

Why on earth should we be confronted with error messages simply because the
system is configured to be able to use non-existent hardware.  It really
wouldn't be that difficult to fix X to automatically disable sections of
the config if those sections generated errors indicating that the hardware
isn't installed.

I've got no problem with adding this sort of thing by default (though I
really have some trouble believing that a wacom tablet is actually an
accessibility feature) but that's no excuse for having it cause errors. 
Even Windows wouldn't install support for a wacom tablet unless the wacom
tablet had (at some time) been connected.

> For your information, KDE always had a 
> tendency to spit loads of messages, and that was fixed in Edgy. 

Was _this_ fixed in edgy?  I don't think so...

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