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Thu Dec 7 22:51:40 UTC 2006

On Thu, 07 Dec 2006 21:12:28 +0100, Simon Edwards wrote
> You have the same option as with the home directory. => 'show hidden 
> files'. It will work in the root directory too.

Yes, in the main window, but not in the navigation window.  It also sucks (and
this is in no way kubuntu related) that the navigation window won't show
hidden directories no way no how.

> > Newbies may not care, but anyone who's spent any time at all in KDE 
> > is going to get a little concerned when the system directories appear to be
> > missing or un-reachable.
> True. But isn't that more an issue of education, and clearer docs.

Certainly.  I wasn't even aware KDE had a .hidden file feature.  After it was
pointed out on the list here, I emptied it and now I'm happy as a clam.  Maybe
it's not a bad thing, but it certainly is odd.  Besides, Konqueror should be
defaulting to the user's home directory anyway (it is isn't it?)  So the
common user probaly won't even know or care what exists outside of home. 
Which sort of circles back to why hide anything when they do venture out?
> > Myself, I like have the whole directory tree at my disposal.  If I need to
> > drag files from one system folder to another, I can do that straight across
> > the navigator panel.  I can't do that if the navigator panel is crippled.
> But when was the last time that you did that considering that most 
> (all?) of the directories that are hidden are also only writable by 
> root? In the last week? month? year even?

You've been missing the previous heated discussions regarding root login ;)


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