Firefox opens on half the screen

Ian Rose ian at
Tue Dec 5 20:11:59 UTC 2006

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Ian Rose wrote:
>> That can result in all Firefox windows opening maximised - including the
>> download manager and the save dialog. The way I discovered is to drag
>> the Firefox window edges to the screen edges (maximising manually, NOT
>> by using the maximise button) - the middle window control button will
>> then change from "maximise" to the "restore" icon. Then close Firefox
>> and next time you open it, it starts maximised.
> afaik, dragging the window edges until the icon switches to "maximized" is
> identical to maximizing it.
Indeed, I would have thought so too - but for some reason Firefox in 
Edgy doesn't remember the maximised state if you use the maximise 
button, only if you manually drag it to this state does it remember it 
when you next open it - at least for me (and the original poster). A 
very bizarre bug that had me very frustrated until I discovered this 


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