MPlayer Teal Green Double Cross Error Message

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Sat Aug 26 14:01:42 BST 2006

Hve posted on this related topic but no solution. Have
since installed Automatix and let it install
everything related to playing embedded videos but
still no solution. Related posts were:
 (Not)Playing Embedded Videos With Mozilla Browser
 Why Embedded Videos Wont Play On Linux? 
Am not experiencing user friendliness on this matter!
The actual message says "This page contains
information of a type(application/x-mplayer2)that can
only be viewed with the appropriate Plug-in."(exact
Of course, the mime type is listed in KDE's file
association table and I have added nsplugin viewer to
the top of the embedded list for all video related
What I would like to do is play embedded videos with
Mozilla browser(not firefox which plays; its too hard
on my old eyes) and using mplayerplug-in which has
worked well in the past on Debian distros.
If I can't get specific help on the setup(I think its
a setup issue) then perhaps someone could list a
thouough, detailed wiki that could guide me through
all the setup issues. Would appreciate specific help
and yes, I have googled much on this.
This is the only remaining important issue I have
using Kubuntu desktop and I'm impressed with the
otherwise user friendliness with the distro. Thanks
for any response.

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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