Modifying jpeg header information

Billy Pollifrone billy at
Sat Aug 26 11:19:11 BST 2006

On 8/25/06, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at> wrote:
> On 25/08/06, Billy Pollifrone <billy at> wrote:
> > Make sure the user that the php script runs as has permission to read
> > and/or write the files.
> >
> Thanks, Billy. If I'm logged in as user "dotan" and run the script,
> would it not run with the permissions of user "dotan"? If not, then
> how do I check what permissions (and to change those permissions) for
> the user that php runs as?

Are you running from the command line or from a webserver? I made the
assumption that it was a webserver process.

- Billy

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