kubuntu-users Digest, Vol 19, Issue 38

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 21 13:06:22 BST 2006

> Roshan Mansinghani Wrote:
> I just went to the site and the gxine browser plugin
> worked.  Will this do
> or do you NEED to use the mplayer plugin?
> Also, a general question:  if there are multiple
> browser plugins installed
> for the same media type (ie, gxine plugin, vlc
> plugin, mplayer plugin) how
> do we tell the browser (either mozilla, firefox, or
> konqueror) which plugin
> to use?  Is this defined in the mime-type section?
I see you have been busy on the Digest. Thanks for
coming back. I prefer mplayerplug-in because it has
worked well for me in the past. However, to view
embedded videos I could except anything.

Re: a general question, I'm not sure; I think so. I
know I installed them, vlc, gxine, moxilla-mplayer,
etc. And, I don't know how to tell mozilla which one
to use. I've only heard about extensions since coming
to Ubuntu/Kubuntu from Debian and my reading/googling
on it seemed specific to firefox only. This may be my
problem. In "file associations->applications and
video, I've added the nsplugin viewer(top) to
application/x-mplayer2 and to all the video entries
relating to windows media player wmv, etc. Thats about
all I know about telling mozilla which plugin to use.
Mozilla's about plugins lists: Shockwave Flash,
Default Plugin, Google VLC multimedia plugin 1.0,
QuickTime Plug-in 6.0, RealPlayer 9, Windows Media
Player Plugin,
mplayerplug-in 3.17, Shockwave Flash, Java(TM) Plug-in
1.5.0_06-b05 and the java and shockwave flash entries
don't reflect the latest versions I've installed.
Sorry for all the info but this is the area I'm
lacking and googling hasn't help me to understand it
any better.
Remember, mozilla is the browser I want to use and
firefox does play the videos for me.
Thanks again for your help, 

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

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