Mouting a second hard drive

Richard cms01 at
Sat Aug 19 19:50:35 BST 2006

Well, I can see the info, in disk & filesystems, 
however, how does on mount the second drive, 
and where does one mount the second drive (folder)
when using ubuntu ( I would give it a name ) eg: 80gb, and mount point would 
be in "File System" folder. then I would edit fstab file, to add the mount 

Now kubuntu does it different, I can edit the fstab via disk & filesystems,
however where does add the  "name"

Any help would be appreciated.

On Thursday 17 August 2006 23:51, Tez wrote:
> Richard wrote:
> > Have a second hard drive, that is (formated) ubuntu and is a slave drive,
> > how does one Mount this second drive, since Kubuntu does not automount
> > the second IDE salve drive
> >
> > Thanks -
> > Rich
> You will want to add an entry for it in the /etc/fstab file,
> you'll need something like:
> /dev/hdb1 /mount/point <format> defaults 0 2
> The <format> part depends on what you formatted the disk as, and you may
> want other mount options (look at "man mount")
> Tez

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