KDE 3.5.4 - unmet dependencies

Jussi Kekkonen jussi.kekkonen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 14:25:35 BST 2006

or, you can use "apt-get dist-upgrade" while upgrading to KDE 3.5.4 because in 
3.5.4 kdelibs4c2 is merged to kdelibs-bin (?) and thus that package should be 
removed during upgrade

if that's only package which will be removed with dist-upgrade then it should 
be safe to continue

> I get back  to kde 3.5.3... Too many problems with broken packages in
> 3.5.4...
> I didn't post sources.list because it's the same as above...
> i had to reinstall dapper kubuntu...
> and i keep to kde3.5.3...
> thanks anyway :)
> Henri

Jussi Kekkonen   tm_travolta(at)kapsi.fi & jussi.kekkonen at gmail.com
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