PCMCIA soundcard not working

Tobias Baldauf kubuntu at css-petals.net
Thu Aug 17 11:22:51 BST 2006


I've got a minor problem with my hardware in Kubuntu 6.06. I own a
PCMCIA-soundcard (Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Z2) which does not work
with my freshly set up Kubuntu installation.

Strangely, it used to work during the time before, in which I had Ubuntu
6.06 running and added the KDE-packets manually. I screwed up this
installation by messing with the kernel and such and re-installed
Kubuntu only (I'm a huge KDE-fan!).

My guess is, that there are multimedia packages that are installed by
default when using Ubuntu, that are not present by default in Kubuntu. I
tried to do some research on this, installed some gstreamer stuff, but
came up with no solution.

Any pointers for me where to look or what to do?



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