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Michel D'HOOGE list.dhooge at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 07:19:32 BST 2006

> when I pressed and held down
> the Reboot button it would give the options of Rebooting into Suse or
> Rebooting into Windows.  
Even if you only have Linuxes, this option is interesting if you want to use 
several kernels. I've been looking for it for a long time now, because I 
agree it is quite boring and annoying to have to wait for the grub menu when 
you know exactly why you rebooted.

> How would I go about getting that option in 
> Kubuntu so I don't have to wait for the startup menu and arrow down to
> Windows before it times out and starts up Kubuntu?
The command line answer is grub-reboot:

       grub-reboot entry [options to grub]

       Reboots into the specified OS entry in menu.lst
              (where "entry" is the entry number in menu.lst)

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