rsync probs (again, got ignored the first time)

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Thu Aug 10 15:52:42 BST 2006


I have finally managed to get the majority of the /home/gene directory 
backed up via rsync on a Kubuntu-6.06 install thats running emc2 out in my 

However, when I run rsync as the user gene, there are quite a few files 
that rsync has to skip due to perms problems.  The huge majority of the 
'dot' files etc etc.

I can, as root, in the /home directory, do a 'chown -R gene:gene gene'
That theoreticly would then allow all but 2 files in ~/emc2.head that have 
to be setuid for emc2 to run ok to be backed up.  BUT, and I can't type it 
any bigger, what does that do to the rest of the user gene's stuff in a 
Kubuntu install?

Many thanks for any discussion I can generate on this.

Cheers, Gene
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