Reasons ro choose Kubuntu over Knoppix?

Max Q maxq at
Tue Aug 8 09:03:53 BST 2006

O. Sinclair wrote:

> Have just tried the Knoppix 5.01 DVD on my Dell 500m laptop and it
> was a pain to get it running decently (screen resolution). In my
> experience Ubuntu or Kubuntu works better but have less "one million
> options" installed from scratch. I am yet to actually install any
> Linux on this machine but have Kubuntu running on an older desktop.
> I have a feeling that the most stable system would be Ubuntu and then
> install KDE desktop for your favorite KDE apps (sorry if someone
> feels I am dissing Kubuntu here but Ubuntu LiveCD is rock solid where
> as Kubuntu has hickkups here and there and KDE upgrades have a
> tendency of breaking something while fixing others).

Worth thinking about, thanks. Trouble is, I *love* nosing through the
'1 million options' (i was always a power pack buyer when using
Mandrake), and I can't really think of _any_ gnome app I like, other
than evolution.

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