KDEWallet and Kontact/KMail integration nuisance: safe? friendly?

Thomas Sperre thcsp at online.no
Tue Aug 8 10:10:32 BST 2006

I have configured K-mail (which I access through the Kontact interface) to 
always ask for password when sending e-mail messages. Then KDE WAllet holds 
my passwords for the various mail hosts etc.
When I write an e-mail, like this one, KDE wallet pops up (in focus), I start 
typing my password, but then notice that as type the password,  KDE Wallet 
looses focus (because mouse pointer was originally elsewhere?) and the 
letters does not go into the KDE Wallet password box.  
This appears to be unsafe by design, even although one can always blame the 
user for spilling the beans......where do the letters i type go (did they end 
up in this e-mail or in the irc chat window?) I think the KDE Wallet "Enter 
password" dialog box should be autofocused and characters you type when that 
box pops up, should always go into that box, regardless of mouse pointer 
Can I do something in the way of setting up the user interface to make this 
work better, more safe, or will it have to be filed as an improvement 
suggestion to the developers? If so will that be the kde devlopers or the 
kubuntu developers (and where?)

Thomas Sperre
thcsp at online.no

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