Stuff from kcontrol missing in System Settings

Scott listboi at
Sat Apr 29 18:19:06 UTC 2006

Hamster wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Apr 2006 20:10:06 -0700
> Scott <listboi at> wrote:

>> That one is the theme manager.   I just downloaded a theme file from
>> could not find a place in System Settings to use it.
> System Settings -> Appearance -> Style and or Window Decorations?

Nope. In kcontrol it would be between "Style" and "Window Decorations"
It's missing in System Settings.

Here is a (rather large) screenshot:

And here is another (rather large) screenshot  of "System Settings".
Note they both have "Style" and "Window Decorations" but only kcontrol
has "Theme Manager" as well

> I'm not sure if that's what themes are though. I'm afraid I've never
> done anything with themes!

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