Stuff from kcontrol missing in System Settings

Scott listboi at
Sat Apr 29 03:10:06 UTC 2006

I've gathered that "System Settings" is Kubuntu's replacement (and
improvement upon) kcontrol.

From a usability and GUI standpoint it is indeed an improvement.

The problem I've found is that there are a few functions that didn't
make it to System Settings (or I'm blind, one or the other).

I've come across a few but can't recall them at the moment except for one.

That one is the theme manager.   I just downloaded a theme file from could not find a place in System Settings to use it.

So I ran kcontrol and voila! There was the theme manager in it's usual

Did someone just overlook this i n designing System Settings?

I think I'll file a bug report, if one hasn't been filed already.

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