audiocd not working

Pupeno pupeno at
Wed Apr 26 20:56:54 UTC 2006

Since a week or so I can't get audiocd to work in any of my computers running 
Kubuntu. It used to work without problems for sure about 4 months ago, maybe 
latter. Is anybody experiencing this same problem ? By not working I mean 
that when you start to copy the files, either wav or ogg, it stalls.
I see that kscd runs when I insert an Audio CD, I thought that might be the 
problem but there are two things to note:
- I deleted /usr/bin/kscd (I needed a fast solution, I don't do that normally) 
and the problem persisted.
- I configure KSCD not to run (from Extras -> Configure KSCD) still it runs 
when I insert the CD and when I check the option it is magically set again; 
how do I get rid of KSCD running ?
Anybody else experience this problem ? I think it might be a general problem 
since it happened in two very different computers but both running Kubuntu 
Breezy updated to lattest (and backports, but I don't think it is important 
in this case) and with various different CDs.
Thank you.
Pupeno <pupeno at> (
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