Successful Dapper install

Scott sclewin at
Sat Apr 22 14:38:29 UTC 2006


    When flight 6 came out I tried it on my desktop, but every time I 
went to the K Menu the computer would freeze, so I gave up and went back 
to Breezy.  When the Beta came out I decided to try again, but I had the 
same problem.  This time I decided to install the ATI driver and it worked.

    I thought it may be beneficial to some people on the list if I just 
mentioned how I fixed the problem.  The problem seems to come from my 
Radeon 9550 card, so I went by the BinaryDriverHowto/ATI 
(  I simply printed out 
the Ubuntu provided drivers part before hand then booted into the 
failsafe.  It was not very difficult and the problem was solved.

Your friend,

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