upgrade 5.04 - 5.10

andrew list at loampitsfarm.co.uk
Fri Apr 21 09:07:36 UTC 2006

After a few false starts I did it and it seems to work. I'm basically a 
windows numpty but am persevering with Kubuntu.

I originally intended to upgrade an existing computer but was given a Dell 
optiplex GX1 to configure for a new user and thought Kubuntu would be the 
right way to go. I first checked the computer by loading XP and that was 
straightforward so I burned a 5.10 image to a cd and started loading that. It 
failed on loading the kernel, I went back a step and checked the disc 
integrity and it flagged up a problem with the kernel being corrupted. I 
downloaded the 5.10 image again but it seemed exactly the same so I gave up 
on installing from cd.

I then opened Konsole as root and created a new sources.list in 5.04 using the 
unbuntulinux.nl/source-o-matic site, and saved this in /etc/apt .

I next typed in apt-get upgrade followed by apt-get dist-upgrade waited a 
couple of hours whilst the computer downloaded and installed everything and 

So far it all seems OK and using this method picked up the onboard sound card 
without my having to install a driver.

Two questions: I assume I only have to copy my home folder from the old 
computer to the new one to keep all my old files, mail and news? Will this 
include my corpus for Bogofilter? If I do this I will risk upgrading the my 
older machine the same way.

The other is that the machine is making regular disc accesses every second 
even when idle, has anyone any ideas why?

Andrew Heggie

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