ipod and kubuntu

jack wallen jlwallen at monkeypantz.net
Wed Apr 19 21:47:14 UTC 2006

> At this point, are you sure that this is a problem with Kubuntu and your
> iPod, and not with Amarok?  Can you play MP3's from your computer's hard
> drive?  That issue sounds suspiciously like what I was experiencing before
> I figured out how to get MP3's to play in Amarok.

actually i believe you are correct - it's more than likely amarok. i can
not play mp3s from the hard drive with it. i think it's the engine. i
have the xine and the arts engine. the xine engine plays back all songs
very quickly (so nothing is heard) and the arts engine seems to do
nothing but crash amarok. is there another engine to use?

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