Alternatives to dual boot

Richard S. Crawford rscrawford at
Wed Apr 19 19:32:46 UTC 2006

Daniel Axtell wrote:
> I'm using Kubuntu 5.04 for AMD-64 as my main operating system, with a
> Win2K partition on the same machine.  I need to occasionally use Windows
> to run MS Media Encoder to create streaming .WMV files, or use tax
> software, etc.  I'm finding dual booting to be an annoyance; there are
> times when I need to see how something renders in IE, etc. where having to
> reboot is a time-consuming chore.
>  I know a little about Wine, and that there are commercial Windows runtime
> environments for Linux, but I'm wondering how they fare on a 64-bit
> distribution, how it would affect upgrading Kubuntu, etc.  Does anyone
> have any advice on this?

I've played with Crossover from Codeweavers (
and found it quite useful for my Windows needs (I'm a web developer, so
naturally I need to see how things break in IE before publishing them). 
It might suit your needs.

Richard S. Crawford
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