system:/home and Dapper

Ian Rose ian at
Sun Apr 16 09:01:35 UTC 2006

Currently running an updated flight 6 kubuntu, and after a recent set of 
kde upgrades, it looks like I have the dreaded system:/home bug again. 
On the System menu (next to the K-menu), the "Home  Folder" link no 
longer points to "/home/username", but instead points to "system:/home". 
This means that I get all sorts of error messages if I forget, and start 
navigating away from "system:/home" - problems with opening files with 
OOo, Gimp etc. I know there is a "fix" by modifying the .desktop files, 
but is there any way of forcing the behaviour back to normal. I have 
tried resetting the "home" folder location in Konqueror, but this makes 
no difference.

I know on my Breezy install (using KDE 3.5.2) this problem eventually 
disappeared at some point (presumably after an update - I wasn't 
watching carefully!), so I suppose the question is also, is this a 
problem that would be fixed during a kde bugfix update before final 
Dapper release?

Ian Rose

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