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Thilo Six T.Six at gmx.de
Tue Apr 11 17:17:33 UTC 2006

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Derek Broughton schrieb am 11.04.2006 16:34:


> Are you sure?  I _think_ (but can not confirm) that all it will do is let
> you open two threads against the archive for downloading.  Since you can do
> that with an http browser, anyway, it's awfully strong to liken it to a
> DOS.

This is only true if you use your browser with default setings.
But all over the net there these howtos "How to make FF faster" and stuff.
And these settings are very likeing to Dos a server. (max persisten

And therefor and for the reason i do not only want to get maximum for
myself but moreover to share it also with others i am a bit conservative
with these kind of settings.


> It could well be faster - it depends how big your pipe is and how big the
> mirror's pipe is.  If you're going to use two connections and 10% of a
> mirror's bandwidth for 1 minute, or 1 connection and 5% of a mirror's
> bandwidth for 2 minutes, you're not denying anybody anything.  otoh, if
> you're swamping your inbound connection, you're holding onto an extra
> connection that somebody else could use.

If you or someone else can confirm that it does not make a difference
for other users _and_ also for the load on mirrors then
well i am all right with that.

A question comes to my mind now though. How does someone set up apt to
fetch from different mirrors at the same time?
package A from mirror X
package B from mirror Y

I only see this happen when installing and apt/aptitude fetches one from
normal archive and an other from security updates.
But these are different repos.
How to make this within the same repo from different mirrors?

bye Thilo
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