kdelibs4c2a missing

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Apr 11 14:34:32 UTC 2006

Thilo Six wrote:

> Derek Broughton schrieb am 10.04.2006 20:53:
>> Two identical copies of
>> kubuntu.org wouldn't be a problem, but seems unnecessary.
> IMHO it is just a technical way to be rude to others and in my opinion
> it comes (too) close to a DDOS against Ubuntu mirrors.

Are you sure?  I _think_ (but can not confirm) that all it will do is let
you open two threads against the archive for downloading.  Since you can do
that with an http browser, anyway, it's awfully strong to liken it to a
> There is just no benefit from having more than one mirror activated in
> sources.list (for the same repo).
> You do not get more packages, and download isnĀ“t faster.

It could well be faster - it depends how big your pipe is and how big the
mirror's pipe is.  If you're going to use two connections and 10% of a
mirror's bandwidth for 1 minute, or 1 connection and 5% of a mirror's
bandwidth for 2 minutes, you're not denying anybody anything.  otoh, if
you're swamping your inbound connection, you're holding onto an extra
connection that somebody else could use.

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