Kubuntu annoyances (check list)

James Gray james at grayonline.id.au
Sun Apr 9 22:14:20 UTC 2006

On Fri, 7 Apr 2006 12:53 am, Gavin Dudley wrote:
> Buggy multimedia playback is by far the most irritating factor, followed by
> unpredictable cut and paste between apps. 

Media playback isn't helped by the fact most of the CODEC's required are 
proprietary (closed source) and have restricted redistribution.  The 
K/X/Ubuntu project must err on the side of "legal" in order not to be sued 
for copyright violations.  SuSE/RedHat and others distribute CODEC's under 
license from the original authors (M$, Real etc).  Ubuntu doesn't charge for 
their distro so it is unfair to assume they will shoulder the cost of 
licensing 3rd party (closed source) CODEC's and binaries etc.  Same deal with 
nVidia and ATi binary drivers.

As for cut-and-paste...erm, highlight to copy, then middle-click to paste is 
so much faster and more consistent than that evil META-x/c/v (META key on US 
keyboards is usually "CTRL").  Now consider this; you're running a console 
application and want to copy something to paste into a 
document/e-mail/whatever, you highlight the text, then hit CTRL+C....ooops!  
You just terminated your shell program.

Personally, I've heard many n00bs complain about the cut-n-paste paradigm in 
Linux (X windows actually) and every time it's been a lack of understanding, 
not a deficiency in the system itself.  You can still use META-x/c/v AND you 
can use highlight+middle-click too.  As has been stated by others later in 
this thread; there are TWO clipboard registers, and you need to stick with 
one method or the other (you can use both, as long as your brain is up to 
remembering which register is holding what).  When you start copying using 
highlight then paste using META+v you end up confused - you've copied into 
one register, but trying to paste from the other.

> It bothers me immensely that Linux evangelists are either in denial
> about the massive deficiencies in Linux, or otherwise are not
> traditional desktop PC users.

No - unlike "traditional" desktop users, most of _us_ have a clue ;)


The bug stops here.
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