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Christoph Wiesen schrieb am 09.04.2006 20:05:

> Thanks for the heads up, I'll check the thread in ubuntu-users out.
> Still I suppose it depends on the definition of "KDE" and "GNOME". I do not 
> believe that Sebastian is the only person workin on GNOME/GTK desktop 
> applications, icons, themes and so on  inside Canonical.
> If he is he's been doing a GREAT joib delivering all of the new items found 
> here and making so much documentation for all of it as is available on the 
> ubuntu websites;
> Seemingly Jonathan is the only one who gets paid for any kind of QT/KDE 
> desktop environment / application work.
> Chris

I think most of the people at canonical are working an subjects
surrounding  the work on packages (this is what Marc Shuttleworth said
IIRC in some interview).


These are tasks to make interoperation and all tasks sourounding easier.
And don´t forget if they are successful they will now have customers to
take care about.

When i first read the mail from OP i thought, when it´s all about money,
well a lot of people spending their time and also money for free.
Just have a look at Debian.
There are maybe hundreds or even thousands of people spending their time
for free.
What about Linu[xs]?
When he startet there was just a Student with an enthusiastic heart.

When the problem from OP is (and i still haven´t received an answer yet)
that they need money for running the server, what about pay-pal?
Asking Users to support this project?

As i allready stated, I do not know what it is all about, so can´t help.

bye Thilo
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i am on Ubuntu 2.6 KDE
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