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Sun Apr 9 02:10:14 UTC 2006

On 4/8/06, jack wallen <jlwallen at> wrote:
> hello list,

#include <iostream>

using mainspace std;

int main(){
  cout << "Hello, list\,";
  return 0;

> thought i'd say hello. i just joined after downloading the latest live
> cd for my ibook. i'm thinking about getting ride of OS X and think
> Kubuntu is my best option.

I love OS X.  I'd reccommend dual-booting for a while.

> Using the live cd i managed to get wired networking to work. I have yet
> to get wireless working with the airport extreme. This ibook is a G3
> 800mhz laptop. I tried following the instructions using fwcutter and all
> but, when using the live cd, the "make" command is not present. so i was
> unable to complete the process.
> So I have a question: is this easier using a regular installation? Does
> it really work well?

Yes, it does.

> Also - what about using an iPod formatted with the apple filesystem? It
> works perfectly with OS X but I'm not sure about using Kubuntu with it.
> I managed to get it mounted with the live cd but was unable to import
> songs into amorak or even play songs.

KIOSlave works well, I'm told.  YMMV, I've never used it (I don't own an iPod)

> Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
> Oh, a little background: i've been using Red Hat (and now Fedora) for
> nearly 10 years. I'm well versed in the Linux world - just new to Linux
> on the apple hardware.

Most guys I know at the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group use apple
hardware 'cause it's THE best stuff besides IBM as far as raw quality
is concerned.  Yes, it works, but I've never tried it personally.

Good Luck!

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