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jack wallen jlwallen at
Sat Apr 8 17:16:10 UTC 2006

hello list,

thought i'd say hello. i just joined after downloading the latest live
cd for my ibook. i'm thinking about getting ride of OS X and think
Kubuntu is my best option.

Using the live cd i managed to get wired networking to work. I have yet
to get wireless working with the airport extreme. This ibook is a G3
800mhz laptop. I tried following the instructions using fwcutter and all
but, when using the live cd, the "make" command is not present. so i was
unable to complete the process.

So I have a question: is this easier using a regular installation? Does
it really work well?

Also - what about using an iPod formatted with the apple filesystem? It
works perfectly with OS X but I'm not sure about using Kubuntu with it.
I managed to get it mounted with the live cd but was unable to import
songs into amorak or even play songs.

Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

Oh, a little background: i've been using Red Hat (and now Fedora) for
nearly 10 years. I'm well versed in the Linux world - just new to Linux
on the apple hardware.

Thanks all.

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