Fail on upgrade Hoary->Breeze

David A' Rebel obsidion at
Fri Apr 7 20:57:32 BST 2006

On Friday 07 April 2006 23:55, Boëté Yann wrote:

> I can't copy and past but I put here some resume of log during several try.
> Startx from my own login                : unknown command
> /usr/X11R6/bin/startx from my own login:
> Error in locking .Xauthority
> Crtl + Alt + F7: Nothing append
> Sudo kdm : Nothing append (and no error message)
> Startkde (from my own login)
> KSplash : Couldn't connect to X server

  Ok it does sound like something has happened to your xorg.conf...
I hope you are not using the caps like you indicate, remember linux is cap 
sensitive ie the command is sudo kdm not Sudo kdm and startx not Startx.
  Go to /etc/X11 and pico xorg.conf this will show you the x setup. If you 
have your manual for the computer esp the monitor res etc. Make sure this is 
as it should be, horizontal frequencies etc. If it looks wrong according to 
the manual then you will see in there a note about how to reconfigure it, run 
this as sudo and see what happens.


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