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Tobi Vollebregt tobivollebregt at
Tue Apr 4 11:05:24 BST 2006

Op dinsdag 04 april 2006 08:20, schreef martin hooper:
> In article <200604032104.09700.tobivollebregt at>,
> tobivollebregt at says...
> > Op maandag 03 april 2006 18:10, schreef martin hooper:
> > > 1. How do you set the time in Kubuntu to BST??
> >
> > Right click on the clock -> Change Date and Time.
> >
> > If that isn't available in Breezy Badger (Kubuntu 5.10) yet, type
> > 'tzconfig' in a console and answer the two questions.
> Done that thanks - Still makes Windows 1hr slow when re-booting to
> Windows though...  That is what I would like to fix...

Hmm, I don't know which timezone BST is, but if the problem you describe is 
the one where windows expects the hardware clock to be set to local time and 
linux expects it's set to UTC, it can be solved by 
modifying /etc/default/rcS.

If indeed this is the problem then there's a line in that file 'UTC=yes'. 
Change that to 'UTC=no' and the linux clock should play nice with windows.

Tobi Vollebregt

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