Erlang repository for (K)Ubuntu Breezy

Pupeno pupeno at
Mon Apr 3 16:25:06 UTC 2006

Recently I created a repository for Erlang and ejabberd (a Jabber server 
written in Erlang) for Debian Sarge because I needed it on one of my servers 
(which runs that operating system). Since then I promised a (K)Ubuntu 
counter-part, here it is.

To use it, just add to /etc/apt/sources.list of your favourite Ubuntu flavor 
the following lines:

deb breezy erlang
deb-src breezy erlang

and that's it; you can run

apt-get install erlang

and get the lattest version of Erlang. Remeber to run 

apt-get update


I am also uploading erlang-manpages and erlang-doc-html, you'll get them soon.
Please, try the repository, I am on a slow dial-up link and uplading it tooked 
me days, I am not going to install from it.

Some notes regarding the Erlang packages. It is the last version, I upgraded 
it myself to R10B-10. I don't know why when installing the Emacs extension 
you'll get some warnings, they don't seem dangerous and everything works 

In most common (K)Ubuntu installations you won't mind this, but the Erlang 
package depends on Tk which depends on part of the X Windows System. I know 
this is not right for servers and I'll work out a solution (that is 
separating the parts that require Tk in an optional package). Once that is 
working, I'll backport this packages to the Debian Sarge repository; please, 
be patient (or pay ;).

Thank you.
Pupeno <pupeno at> (
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