-Thanks for the reply !

David abcdefg at solcon.nl
Sun Apr 2 11:27:18 UTC 2006

On Sunday 02 April 2006 07:19, vilas wrote:
> Dear "David A' Rebel"
> Thanks for the reply to my mail add.to kubuntu forum for new users.
> I think unless my Internet is not confugured on Ubuntu it is difficult to
> have pleasure of Ubuntu operating system. The cds.made in India/Germany are
> not played in Ubuntu's multimedia programs (cd player,totem video and
> others) while one of my friends in Australia sent me a lecture audio cd of
> Derrick Jensen is easyily played. So that is something to do with certain
> supportive software programs which are otherwise there in Windows Media
> player  are missing in Ubuntu. Please tell on my behalf to Ubuntu engineers
> this lacunea in the programs.
> I will try to buy eithernet port and install it then try to confugured .
> So I hope next time I may be able to communicate with you through Ubuntu's
> mail program. Let us hope for the better.
> Thanks once again and I will let you know how the things progress. Because
> unless and untill I am happy with it I am unable to spread a word about our
> misssion of free and open system. Even my son is not happy and that is more
> a urgent and neccessary factor for me to make it so friendly that my son
> will then despise to use and pay to Corporate world of Bill Gates and
> likes. With love
> Vilas
> (India)

Maybe your internet doesn't work due to the dhcp/dns bug? It is on ubuntu 
Breezy and Dapper (and looking at the bug reports on the internet probably 
also Hoary but I haven't tested this). 

Due to this bug on certain networks (routers) ubuntu cannot retrieve the 
needed dns information on a dhcp network. In my case I have to let the router 
release and renew it's connection everytime I boot to get the dns info. I 
know a couple of people (not myself included because I really like kubuntu) 
who tried ubuntu but removed it because it wasn't able to connect to a very 
simple basic (wired) dhcp network. (note that the network is the problem 
because other linux distro's or even windows do work on that kind of 

So maybe you could try release and renew on your router to test if this is the 

Kind Regards,

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