-Thanks for the reply !

vilas vilas_sukhadeve at dataone.in
Sun Apr 2 05:19:45 UTC 2006

Dear "David A' Rebel"
Thanks for the reply to my mail add.to kubuntu forum for new users.
I think unless my Internet is not confugured on Ubuntu it is difficult to
have pleasure of Ubuntu operating system. The cds.made in India/Germany are
not played in Ubuntu's multimedia programs (cd player,totem video and
others) while one of my friends in Australia sent me a lecture audio cd of
Derrick Jensen is easyily played. So that is something to do with certain
supportive software programs which are otherwise there in Windows Media
player  are missing in Ubuntu. Please tell on my behalf to Ubuntu engineers
this lacunea in the programs.
I will try to buy eithernet port and install it then try to confugured .
So I hope next time I may be able to communicate with you through Ubuntu's
mail program. Let us hope for the better.
Thanks once again and I will let you know how the things progress. Because
unless and untill I am happy with it I am unable to spread a word about our
misssion of free and open system. Even my son is not happy and that is more
a urgent and neccessary factor for me to make it so friendly that my son
will then despise to use and pay to Corporate world of Bill Gates and likes.
With love

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> On Sunday 02 April 2006 04:13, Art Alexion wrote:
> > On Saturday 01 April 2006 01:49, vilas wrote:
> > > Dear Sir,
> > > Thanks for the cds. of Ubuntu programe. I have installed it
> > > But while using it I have encountered some problems. Even simple
> > > audio/video cds are not played in the multimedia programes, internet
> > > conection too can not be confugured. I have broad band connection with
> > > ADSL modem connected to my computer through USB port. Because of my
> > > failure to connect through Ubuntu operating system I have to recourse
> > > Windows XP which I despise to use but no alternative. Will you please
> > > tell me what shall I do ?
> >
>   The audio cd one is also probably simple, what programs are you trying
> play them with ? There are usually two solutions, connect an audio cable
> the soundcard from the cd player, the less cpu hungry solution or enable
> digital playback in the players.
> > First, break down your problems.  Let's try to solve them one at a time.
> > First, let's try your internet connection.  Exactly what steps are you
> > taking and what response are you getting?  Does your ISP use PPPoE?
> > did you do to set up your account?
>   Another question is does your modem/router have an ethernet port ? If it
> does use that instead, it is less cpu hungry and generally a lot easier to
> configure than the usb one.
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