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	so long. 

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 12:07, Art Alexion wrote: 
Art Alexion escribió:

Sorry for the delay. :-)

> Anyway, what should I do to fix this?

Ok, I see. 

$ host mail is handled by 10 mail is handled by 10

I forgot to check for the domain using whois and 
also overlooked the fact that I was only checking and not the "root".

Anyway, using just "rodney" as a name should be ok.
Just "morrigan" works here fine.

rodney should be the mailname and on 
"dpkg-reconfiguration" you should make
rodney a destination. I can't check now the exact 
wording and steps ... but it is in one of the previous 
mails in this thread.

With this set fetchmail should be able to send the
messages to "rodney" and postfix will accept them and
put them in /var/mail/user. dovecot will pick the messages
from there.

In the MUA, you can set the smtp server to

I can spend some time tomorrow looking at 
how to setup postfix to foward mail to another
smtp server. I could use the knowledge too.
With this you can use your local smtp server
to forward mail to another which will probably
be better suited to the task than your particular

As to the name and samba I would
change that name if is not much trouble.
Do you not experience any name resolution problems 
with this setup other than the postfix related problems?.

alexion.home or something like that should work.

> >b) change /etc/mailname removing the domain part.
> >  
> OK.
> >c) both. <-- I would do this.
> >  
> Are you still recommending this in light of my explanation above?

Nope, I would use rodney and/or any other LAN only visible
names to stay clear of trouble (2); who is resolving
As stated above, has a MX record, but I can't 

ping: unknown host

Have fun. Let me know how it went.


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