klaptopdaemon (breezy) & hibernate/resume

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Thu Sep 29 15:49:31 UTC 2005

Sebastian K├╝gler wrote:

> Compiling /usr/bin/klaptop_acpi_helper from svn should really fix that
> then,
> Revision 403409 is the fix I was talking about. A brief look at the source
> should reveal which script is called, though. IIRC it was
> /usr/sbin/hibernate for suspend-to-disk.
> If you're not planning going through this hassle, and you trust me enough
> I could just send you my hand-compiled binary, it does work here (for S4 &
> S3 actually). Let me know in that case.

Well, you've given me enough to go on.  I guess it's time to compile it
myself.  Thanks.

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