Kubuntu in a corp. environment (was: /etc/resolv.conf file issues)

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Sep 28 07:55:48 CDT 2005

James Gray wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 00:34, Steven Lewis wrote:
>> All - the original post was a result of using my linux box in a corp.
>> environment. up to the point my linux usage was as a freelance work or
>> personal use. however i have started working in a very successful corp
>> shop that relies heavily on linux.
>> My new question is how many folks are using linux in a mix Linux/Windows
>> corp. environment?
> My lappy runs Kubuntu (Hoary) in a Windows Active Directory environment. 
> I didn't bother with all the Samba+winbind fru-fru and simply created my
> Kubuntu account to match the userid and password I have on the Windows
> network.  Works well.

Same here, except that I already had an account on my own machine, so I
created a second user with the Windows userid/password - using the same UID
and home directory as my original user.

> I access our Exchange2000 server with Kmail over POP3.  I was using IMAP
> but found it was a bit slow and, for still unknown reasons, would
> occasionally
> purge entire folders causing the loss of mucho e-mail.  POP3 just works. 

Wish I could...  They do something flakey with the Exchange server making it
impossible for me to reach except via the web (or Outlook inside the

> Konqueror handles  NTLM authentication for me,

Can you point me to a Howto?  I've never got Samba working in that direction
(and it's not been enough of an issue to make me dig into it).

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