dialup in ubuntu

Harry Vorstenbosch h.vorstenbosch at zonnet.nl
Fri Sep 16 08:29:48 UTC 2005

Dear Bry,

At the "extra settings" of your modem add the command ATZ which means
that the modem sets itself to factory default when it is going to make
the connection. This works on all modems I have seen an used.


On Thu, 2005-09-15 at 13:23 -0700, Bry Melvin wrote:
> I am new to ubuntu and just installed and connected it to the internet:
> I connected to dialup (limited to 33.6 v42 here in this extremely rural
> area)
> However the applet is only connecting at 14400.
> I then configured an ran wvdial manually in a root terminal and that
> connects at the expected 33.6, but the applet still will only give me a
> 14400 connection...
> Does anyone know what I am missing?
> Bryann

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