Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Yourbuntu, Mybuntu??? am I cheating on the cheese?

Mathewson richmond at mail.maclaunch.com
Sun Sep 11 13:06:50 CDT 2005

Recently I ad a problem with Kubuntu on some laptops...

so I "twiddled around" with Ubuntu so that the GUI looked
so like the Kubuntu KDE that I fooled all my end-users ...

UM . . . 

OK, all the purist out there are going to say awful things
(especially KDE true belivers)

however, my end-users got more for their install (Ubuntu
seems to contain more apps on the CD than Kubuntu) and they
got the (Yuck) Windows-like functionality they wanted.

No doubt, with a bit of twiddling one could also make
Kubuntu look Gnomic (Ubuntu) . . .

at which point the inevitable question arises:

why 2 distros ???

Richmond Mathewson
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