No Common CD-ROM was detected

Rajeev Natarajan rajeevpn at
Fri Sep 9 15:51:41 UTC 2005

When I try to load Ubuntu on an Acer 4151NLCi Laptop, it boots from the CD 
allright but then later on in the installation when it is time to Detect and 
Mount CD-ROM, I get this error message 'No common Cd-rom was detected' and 
asks if i want to install from a floppy. 

I did try the great google and came across But I have a funny 
BIOS (Insyde) which does not let me change any SATA setting! 

What I know:
0. It came preinstalled with Linpus Linux which works fine with the CD-ROM
1. It is not a problem with the CD. I burnt another one and tried: I had the 
same problem
2. It is not the drive: I installed Debian - no problem whatsoever!
3. dmesg (in Linpus and now Debian) gives me Philips DVD-ROM/CD-RW SCB5265 
with Uniform CD-ROM driver v 3.2 

Thanks in advance
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