Pipped at the post . . . and covered in lemon juice.

Mathewson richmond at mail.maclaunch.com
Fri Sep 9 14:11:30 UTC 2005

This whole thing is most odd as using 'standard' US

I know I am doing this in Bulgaria, but the keyboard is set
to US - the user name types in perfectly readably (nice
pair of clumsy adverbs - sorry: should have written "in a
perfectly readable form" - no doubt Bernard Shaw and Oscar
Wilde are cursing me now for disturbing their peace -
surely they are both churning in their respective graves;
mind you, tagentially, Wilde probably finds that hard with
that bloody enormous gravestone by Jacob Epstein weighing
down on him) ... Oh, dear, wandered off ...

the user-name types in clearly

the password does not function: since my last message have
done reinstalls and still experience this problem . . . 

however . . . now installed Ubuntu (no harm there at all)
and with a bit of "twiddling" have made it look
sufficiently KDE-like that all the Bulgarian lawyers have
breathed in deeply and said that they love it: so 50 pounds
to me and 50 pounds to the orphanage behind the Thursday
market (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) - everybody is happy; up to a
point - 

the point being that I would like to sort out the Kubuntu
problem: I had an install running on a PIII 700MHz PC about
3 months ago with no problems - using the same distro.

Richmond Mathewson

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