re kubuntu-breeze daily snapshot 050905

R.P.M.Koendering r.p.m.koendering at
Mon Sep 5 18:08:12 UTC 2005

On Monday 05 September 2005 18:51, John wrote:
> Hi Ruud,
> > Downloaded to days snapshot, burned the cd. Installed Kubuntu.
> > Currently found that Weather is not working at all. An empty screen is
> > coming up.
> Is this KWeather?
> If so, delete the applet from the kicker panel, (right click KDE icon,
> Panel menu, Remove from Panel, Applet, Weather Report) then add it back in
> (right click KDE icon, Panel menu, Add to Panel, Applet, Weather Report).
> Whenever I change the configuration of KWeather to point to a different
> station it does not update until I have removed it then added it back.
> John

Hi John,

Indeed. I tried a two times but found out I had to add 2 stations and made a 
choice for the one I like.

Currently it is working.

I have the feeling that Hoary is quicker then this snapshot. What is your 


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