Christoph Wiesen chris at
Tue Oct 18 10:32:38 CDT 2005

Am Montag 17 Oktober 2005 21:27 schrieb Christoph Wiesen:
> Hello,
> just wanted to tell you that the upgrade from hoary to breezy went
> absolutely smooth for me. This is really great. I downloaded all the
> packages first (dist-upgrade -d and install kubuntu-desktop -d) so the
> actual upgrading process took less than half an hour - haven't had such a
> good experience before. Debian Sid comes to mind though since basically
> every dist-upgrade there get's you a new distribution in a way.
> All in all I can really recommend the upgrade when you look at the way it
> works. Ifthe actual packages and changes are worth the upgrade everyone has
> to decide for themself though I guess.
> Some settings still seem illogical to me, but i explained that in more than
> enough dept in my annoying RC feedback mails (like window borders on
> maximized windows...)
> What really should be fixed is having the "Google Search Bar" on every
> (File-managing) Konqueror - this is rather silly ;)
> I'm off fixing these for me personally for now.
> Cheers,
> Christoph Wiesen

Ok, this is not nice, but I really have to add this to my comment;

Now that I actually use the simplified Konqueror profile for real work I have 
to say it really isn't the good ol' Konqueror I loved anymore.
I'm doing simple stuff with some php files over ftp and partly locally, but i 
could neither have the local and the remote view in one konqueror window 
side-by-side, nor could I search for files (or their content) inside the 
current directory, like a non-crippled Konqueror can from the tools menu (and 
this is the reason I HAVE to write this to the list...).

Maybe there are some keyboard shortcuts for these - I will ahve to look them 
up - not the achievement I'd hoped for from an 'easy to use' distribution.


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