The programing

Vincent Arnoux vincent.arnoux at
Wed Oct 5 10:55:38 CDT 2005

In order to uninstall Linex Kubuntu, you need to go to: Start menu ->
Configuration panel -> Add/Remove program and select it from the list.
If this is not working or if the program does not appear in the list,
then it means that Linex CANNOT be desinstalled and you can trash your
computer after having hit a few times on the head the "friend" who gave
you this piece of crap.

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Le mardi 04 octobre 2005 à 07:11 -0700, Tricia Linder a écrit :
> I have a computer that we got through a friend. It have the Linex
> Kubuntu installed on it. What I want to do is know how to get it off
> the computer. Can you please send me the instructions on how to
> reformat the computer with this program or just to uninstall it
> please?
> Thank you
> Tricia

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